Women of Xal

4 March 2017 by , No Comments


Just recently, a visual novel by my friends over at Project Trinity just got fully funded on Kickstarter. I couldn’t be happier for them – and I’m especially honoured to be able to lend my humble voice to this awesome project.

Women of Xal follows the story of Xjena, a young woman competing to inherit the harem business of the fearsome Lady Xuna. Players must determine her personality and how she navigates the alien universe of Xal. Will she work alongside the other ladies to better the system around her or will she use every trick in the book (and especially the ones that aren’t) to rise to the top? While the game is not explicit, plenty of discussions about sexuality and the relationships between people can be expected within its script.

The game’s demo can already be downloaded from its Kickstarter page, so if you haven’t played it yet now might be a great time to do so!

As for myself, I’ll be playing the role of Proxis – one of the men working at Xuna’s brothel. I’m a little hard to find, so keep your eyes open and let no choice go unexplored. Can’t wait until the full game is done!


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