Three Heroes at the PC gamer weekender!

25 February 2017 by , No Comments

Can’t believe I almost forgot to update the site with this news!

So, all of us here at the NFTS got to visit the PC Gamer Weekender – and, what’s more, we actually got to exhibit our work there.


It was a pretty scary experience to be sure, especially since we were just opposite the titanic Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, but I’m extremely glad that we did it. I managed to get a lot of good feedback from the people who sat down to play my little narrative game and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to implement it all in at some point.


My only regret is that we were pretty much glued to our stands all day, so I wasn’t able to get away to see Failbetter’s talk on Sunless Skies. A pity, to be sure, but I’m sure I can get all the details off my friend NTurnerGames who did manage to attend it.

C49jWkzWAAEBvia.jpg large

… I just wish that cameras would stop conspiring to make me the least photogenic fellow in the room. lulz

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