Holiday Hijinks – Indie Game Review

24 November 2012 by , No Comments

The indie game scene is one that I’ve dabbled in throughout the last couple of years but it’s only recently that I’ve really knuckled down and thrown myself into it. There are so many wonderful ideas and game genres I didn’t even know existed to be found there… and that, I think, is what’s reeling me in.

So, with that in mind, I’ve begun a series of indie game reviews! Our first one is Holiday Hijinks: House on Haunted Hill. The game describes itself as a visual novel, which is sort of like an adventure game without any exploration or puzzle-solving. The game relies very heavily on its narrative and storytelling in order to score points but is it a scarily well-told tale or just frighteningly bad?

Well, I’m certainly not going to spoil it for you! Watch the video to find out!

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