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Why we should hope for gay characters in the next Fire Emblem

10 April 2015 by , No Comments

All right people, there’s something we’ve got to address: Fire Emblem is really, really, really gay. And that’s okay. At first, the series had just a few characters like Rickard openly hitting on same-sex allies but, since the 2000’s, Fire Emblem has been power-levelling its Queerness stat. Florina is so obviously in love with Lyn […]

Women in games revisited

19 March 2013 by , No Comments

I’ve already written about how I feel that the portrayal of women in games still isn’t as good as it could be but I feel the need to revisit the issue again in light of the recent revelations that science fiction game Remember Me was passed over by many publishers for having a female protagonist. […]