Three Heroes

15 February 2017 by , No Comments

Not long to go now until we gear up to present our Moments of Consequence project at the PC Gamer Weekender event, so here’s a build of my project before then!


Three Heroes is a narrative game developed at the NFTS over the course of roughly two months. The story focuses on Dylan and Terry, two role-playing game-loving kids in class. Their friend Chantelle recently fell out of their campaigns, a move that stung them quite a bit, but when the teacher takes away her diary the two must overcome their grudge to help her reclaim it and reunite their adventuring party. Every choice and outcome in the game leads to a different ending for our protagonists.

This was an extremely challenging final year project where I modelled the environment and props, wrote the game’s code, and had to manage a larger team – but it was a valuable learning experience and it was an absolute pleasure to work with my fellow students. Big shout out to composer Jose, producer Jona, sound designer Louise, and screenwriter Drew who wrote the script with me.


I’m also very proud of the fact that I drew all of the game’s fantasy intros and outtros myself. Considering that I only started teaching myself how to draw in 2014, I think I’ve made some pretty good progress! Hopefully I’m getting closer to the level that I want to be at to make the art for my own projects in the future. Hope you enjoy and, as always, feedback and constructive criticism are always appreciated!

Download Link (PC)

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