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The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions

1 December 2012 by , No Comments

World War I is, without doubt, one of my favourite wars. Well, okay, let me reiterate that. Saying that you have a “favourite” war is a bit like saying you have a most preferred way to have your toenails yanked off – but I digress. Perhaps I should instead say that I find it one […]

Villainous Values

22 November 2012 by , No Comments

One of my favourite games ever is Breath of Fire II. By today’s standards it’s simplistic, awkwardly-translated and full of cliches. I can even recognise how, from a technical standpoint, it’s not all that creative. There are no real puzzles and levels amount to little more than walking through various kinds of mazes until you […]

Heroic angst

14 November 2012 by , No Comments

The journey from farm boy to hero isn’t an easy one. A hero has to make sacrifices, leave loved ones behind, be tempted by the dark side’s power and cookies… No heroic tale is complete without the hero questioning whether the path they walk is the right one. This is, in my book, the most […]

An anecdote about character development

14 November 2012 by , No Comments

One of the biggest skills you can develop as a writer is adaptability. Whatever initial ideas you might have had for your project are inevitably going to change and develop as you develop the thing itself. It is an inescapable truth of creating any form of art. The initial picture of your masterpiece that you […]

Introducing the hero

14 November 2012 by , No Comments

Alright, fellow nerds: riddle me this. Mario. Link. Chrono. What do these characters have in common? “They all go on amazing adventures to save worlds and princesses alike?” Yes but that’s not the answer I’m looking for. “They’re all iconic characters and are revered as being some of the best figures in gaming?” Ehh… Close […]

How to begin your story

14 November 2012 by , No Comments

In my experience, trying to work out a whole story before you do any actual work on your project is probably the worst thing you can do, as you’ll just be pushing precious development time back. It’s all very well saying to people that you’re the next Steven Moffat (and even weller if you can […]

Storytelling Lectures – Introduction

14 November 2012 by , No Comments

Recently, I’ve started making a big effort to really get into the guts of the indie gaming scene. It’s a fascinating place to be sure. Lots of bright ideas buzzing around, critique flying through the air, the glee that people respond with when they see a project actually completed… It’s all rather wonderful to see […]