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Suicide Squad review

30 August 2016 by , No Comments

I’ve been sitting here trying to think of a nice thing to say at the beginning of my Suicide Squad review and, after much deliberation, the best thing I can say about it is, “It’s not as bad as everybody says.” Not exactly a quote that’ll end up on the Blu-Ray cover but I don’t […]

Jason Bourne film review

7 August 2016 by , No Comments

The inherent problem with Jason Bourne as a character and, by extension, every movie he appears in is that he has no reason to keep existing after he solves his problems. He’s not like James Bond, a classy-looking attack dog Great Britain can point in the general direction of a soon-to-be-mauled problem, he’s just a […]

Ghostbusters 2016 review

21 July 2016 by , No Comments

I am disappointed to say that the new Ghostbusters movie is bad. It’s unfunny, it’s unfocused, and undeniably struggles to carve out any sort of identity for itself – and yet, somehow, I can’t quite bring myself to hate it in the same way that I’ve hated other bad movies. There’s just enough kind-of-okay ideas […]

Hugh Jackman: HughJackolypse review

22 May 2016 by , No Comments

Surprisingly, after eating up 90% of the screen time in Hugh Jackman: Hughs of Jackman Past, Hugh Jackman has very little to do with this movie beyond a rather token cameo that serves no purpose other than to ruin everyone’s efforts to try and sort some sort of continuity out in these movies. At this […]

Batman v Superman review

2 April 2016 by , No Comments

This movie was a real rollercoaster of a flick. For every rise to awesomeness, there was an awkward drop into awfulness. It goes up and down so much that the only thing I can really score it is a middle-of-the-road 5/10. Our story hook is quite decent enough. The flick takes place 18 months after […]

A Good Day To Die Hard

23 February 2013 by , No Comments

For years, I’ve been complaining that I can go into a cinema, watch a movie, and come out without knowing the name of a single character or even what the purpose of the film was. A Good Day To Die Hard, by that logic, should be a good movie. I understood the plot, I knew […]

The Dark Knight Rises

25 October 2012 by , No Comments

Despite having seen The Dark Knight Rises many weeks ago, it’s taken me a long time to sit down and put my feelings about it into words. This is because the third instalment in Nolan’s trilogy is, quite simply, a bit of a letdown. If that sounds like a rather cynical way to begin this […]