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(Short Story) Copper & Stone

6 January 2013 by , No Comments

I once heard about a book written entirely in text messages and it gave me the idea to see if one could be done entirely in emails. I wasn’t content with just toying around with this, though. I wanted to write in a genre I haven’t written in for a long time: horror. Thus was […]

(Short Story) Uncle Jack

11 December 2012 by , No Comments

Here’s another of my fictional pieces. Originally written as a piece of my university coursework: it’s a series of short, alternate history chapters from an intended book about King Arthur coming back to life to fight Nazi’s and sword-fight Hitler on a motorbike. What more do you need to know? Check it out now! SamRowett_ShortStory_UncleJack

(Short Story) The Iron Gods

11 December 2012 by , No Comments

Here’s an action-heavy short story that I wrote about two years ago, written as the beginning of a complete steampunk tale. I wanted to be really experimental with this one and try my hand at a deconstruction (yes, TV Tropes ruined my life – HELP) here by portraying an evil empire as morally grey and […]

(Radio Play) Antagonists Anonymous

7 December 2012 by , No Comments

To start off my fiction section, I though I’d upload one of my proudest pieces: a radio play by the name of Antagonists Anonymous. This was up on the original version of the site but I took it down to edit and rework it a tad. It’s now back in a sleeker, shinier and altogether […]