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Women of Xal

4 March 2017 by , No Comments

Just recently, a visual novel by my friends over at Project Trinity just got fully funded on Kickstarter. I couldn’t be happier for them – and I’m especially honoured to be able to lend my humble voice to this awesome project. Women of Xal follows the story of Xjena, a young woman competing to inherit […]

On roleplaying LGBT characters (and fanboying about Jade Empire)

4 March 2017 by , No Comments

I recently found out that, once upon a time, Bioware was planning to make a sequel to Jade Empire but stopped after they were bought out by EA. From a business perspective, I can’t say that I blame them. The game never quite took off like Mass Effect and Dragon Age did, after all, but […]

Three Heroes at the PC gamer weekender!

25 February 2017 by , No Comments

Can’t believe I almost forgot to update the site with this news! So, all of us here at the NFTS got to visit the PC Gamer Weekender – and, what’s more, we actually got to exhibit our work there. It was a pretty scary experience to be sure, especially since we were just opposite the […]


12 March 2016 by , No Comments

Well, this has been fun! Our Dalek-modelling project recently came to a close as we gear up for our first real module and I’m quite chuffed with the progress that’s been made. Things started off a bit big and blocky… … But then I managed to shave down the poly count a wee bit and […]

First Maya models!

13 February 2016 by , No Comments

So, life at the NFTS is going pretty fantastically so far. In fact, we’ve already started 3D modelling in Maya – and while it’s been a bit of a challenge, I’m quite proud of how my first models have turned out over the last week and a bit. Daleks are up next, or so I […]

Starting an MA Games Design and Development course

2 January 2016 by , No Comments

It dawns on me that I haven’t yet updated my site with the good news – so here goes: I have recently been accepted on the National Film and Television School’s MA Games Design and Development course and I could not be happier. I honestly didn’t know if I was going to get in. The […]

How Persona proves age ratings are nonsense

21 October 2015 by , No Comments

I’ve been playing quite a lot of Persona Q lately. It’s an oddly addictive little game with an adorable visual style and a tonne of great continuity nods and gags for fans of Persona 3 and 4. In many ways, I like it better than its originals. Sure, the story is a lot weaker and […]

Mesto Accelerando: Disk I review

29 April 2015 by , No Comments

In which Sam reviews the first book in Project Trinity’s Mesto Accelerando series.

Why we should hope for gay characters in the next Fire Emblem

10 April 2015 by , No Comments

All right people, there’s something we’ve got to address: Fire Emblem is really, really, really gay. And that’s okay. At first, the series had just a few characters like Rickard openly hitting on same-sex allies but, since the 2000’s, Fire Emblem has been power-levelling its Queerness stat. Florina is so obviously in love with Lyn […]

Farewell, Monty Oum

6 February 2015 by , No Comments

So, I hear that Monty Oum has passed. Well… crap. At time of writing, it’s only been a few hours since I learned of it and, by God, is it frustrating, especially since – somehow – I knew it was coming. I had a terrible feeling that it was going to happen and it did. […]