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Wings Remastered: Kickstater Project

16 October 2015 by , No Comments

In 2013-2014, I was brought on board by Hippo Entertainment to help them develop a trailer for their upcoming Wings: Remastered Edition Kickstarter campaign project. My responsibilities included writing the script for the trailer, interviewing key members of staff, and creating draft versions of the trailer to help give an idea of what the final […]

Escape the Box – Indie Game Review

10 December 2012 by , No Comments

Never judge a game by the name of its engine. This week, Sam reviews an RPG Maker game that isn’t an RPG and actually rocks. Game: Escape the Box Creator: MetalRenard Genre: Puzzle-Adventure, Horror-Mystic Completion Time: 15~20 Minutes per playthrough Download Links: – Windows:

Holiday Hijinks – Indie Game Review

24 November 2012 by , No Comments

The indie game scene is one that I’ve dabbled in throughout the last couple of years but it’s only recently that I’ve really knuckled down and thrown myself into it. There are so many wonderful ideas and game genres I didn’t even know existed to be found there… and that, I think, is what’s reeling […]

Ctrl Alt Del!

18 November 2012 by , No Comments

No, not that infamous webcomic. The awesome SXTV quiz show! The only place where you can see two Northerners duke it out over who’s nerdier. We’ve got Star Wars references. We’ve got Oliver Cromwell. We’ve got the time-old battle between dinosaurs and creationism and the question as to whether or not bubble porn is a […]

The Revolution has come!

29 March 2012 by , No Comments

The first episode of SXTV’s The Revolution Beyond, starring Yours Truly, is now available to watch on YouTube… and we’re in the running for a NASTA award. A big well done to all the other actors, editor Dan, cameraman Lewis and, of course, writer and director Richard Swain. I think we all pulled together and […]