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Space Samurai Survival

12 July 2016 by , No Comments

I am exceptionally proud to be able to present my first completed game on the NFTS Games Design and Development MA, Space Samurai Survival! The rules of the game are simple. You’re a samurai, you’re in space, there’s an endless horde of robotic enemies coming at you, and you’ve got to best them all by […]

Space Samurai Survival models!

22 June 2016 by , No Comments

I think we’re making good progress with the app game right about now! Not only are the mechanics coming along quite nicely but now I’m in the process of redesigning some of the game’s enemies for the finished project. Not long ’til presentation time now. Fingers crossed that all turns out well! I love this […]

App Factory!

18 June 2016 by , No Comments

We’re into our second project here at the NFTS and I’m happy to be able to showcase some more of the progress that I’ve been making. Our goal is to make a short little app game for tablets or mobile devices and mine will be Space Samurai, an arcade-style action title about a samurai lady […]