About Me


Sam Rowett was born in the glorious North of England but has lived for most of his life in Suffolk. He has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Essex and is currently studying for a second at the National Film and Television School. His work can be found on YouTube, SXTV, Save Point and Green Flame. He’s been told that he looks and sounds a lot like Thor, especially when he’s got a beard going. He also apparently writes introductions in the third person.

Welcome to Pywritechnics, easily the best website run by an overly-theatrical aspie who wants to get into games design with fabulously long hair and an encyclopedic knowledge of Monty Python sketches you’ll find in this little corner of the information superhighway.

I have always been a storyteller, being one of those crazy kids who would rather pretend to be a dragon-slaying wizard from Mercury rather than get out and play football, and my insanity has only gotten stronger as I’ve gotten older. Making games has been a long-held dream of mine since I was about ten and while I was always an avid reader it was at fifteen that I truly realised how much I wanted to write. I’ve filled many a notebook with ideas and scripts and stories and sketches pertaining to colourful casts of characters and their wild adventures and completed first a BA and then an MA at the University of Essex with the hope of someday getting into the world of games design and fulfilling my dream.

It hasn’t been an easy road but I certainly feel like I’m closer to that goal now than ever before thanks to the wonderful training that I’ve been receiving at the National Film and Television School. Having been so focused on storytelling for so much of my life, I decided to challenge myself as much as possible by learning about programming, modelling, and how to design great game mechanics. Now that I’m in my final year, I’m hoping to bring all of that together with my storytelling background for one great big final project. It won’t be easy but I’m confident that I can rise to the challenge.

Performing is another great love of mine and thanks to my ever-expanding network of collaborators, at home in England and across the seas, I’m involved in all manner of things. I think this all started around the time I was cast as Chancellor Usurper and Sarda the Sage in 8-bit Theater Chaos, a popular adaptation of the classic webcomic 8-bit Theater. For some reason, me playing an insane megalomaniacs with far too much power and an Evil British Accents™ just made perfect sense. So, I got involved in that and, from there, more acting projects arose.

Another role that I’m particularly proud of is my playing the lead, Professor Tony Knight, in SXTV’s The Revolution Beyond: an epic story of university students battling against an unseen force that involves a lot of dramatic shouting and some pretty epic beardage on my part… and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Writing, games development, performing in radio and theatrical productions, directing, performing and working with people from all over the world… If it’s creative, I’ve probably dabbled in it at some point.

I am enormously grateful to everyone that asked me to work on projects with them and to everyone that has sent feedback to me on my work. I hope to better myself and my work as much as I can in everything I dedicate myself to and I’m very excited to see what the future has in store.